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Our department collects clinical and preclinical sciences with a focus on bacterial and viral infections as well as the human body's immune system in health and disease.

The Department of Clinical Microbiology consists of six research and teaching units: Biomedical Laboratory Science (BML), immunology, infectious diseases, clinical bacteriology, immunology and virology. More than 80 people work at the department. Together they represent categories of professors, lecturers, visiting scientists, group leaders, lecturers, research assistants, post-doctoral, doctoral, technicians and administrative staff. Students performing research at the undergraduate level (master's theses, elective courses in programs and advanced courses) are also active at the units.

The research profile can be summarized as basic research with clinical application. It is characterized by close and long-term partnerships, both within the department and with clinicians at other institutions. The research has three main thrusts:

(1) human viral and bacterial pathogens; virulence mechanisms, epidemiology, vaccines and drugs for treatment.
(2) Innate and adaptive immunity; Mechanisms of the immune system of mucous membranes, immunopathology in celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease and diabetes, mikrobiotans impact on the immune system, defense reactions against microbial infection and reproductive immunology.
(3) Cancer; gene therapy, exosomers important for evasion of immune responses against tumors, radioimmunotherapy and diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers.

In addition to research and postgraduate education are conducted in the different subjects in the medical, dentistry and biomedical programs and courses. The teachers are frequently hired for various national expert tasks such as reviewer of applications to the Research Council, the observers of candidates for the appointment of, an opponent at the disputation etc. Even international expert mission occurs.

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Head of the department

Head of the department

Head of department

Anders Sjöstedt
Klinisk mikrobiologi - Klinisk bakteriologi
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