We perform basic research with clinical application through fruitful, often long-standing and close collaborations between preclinical and clinical researchers, both within the department and with clinical partners at other departments.

We also participate in seminar series at MedFak .
If you want to see all publications at our institution you will find it here .

Here you will find all research at our Institution. More information about our researchers and projects are under each supervisor listed below.
Some of them are missing out on an english description, they will be updated soon, untill then you will find there discriptions on the swedish version of the site here.

Our PI's
Clinical Bacteriology
Anders Johansson
Anders Sjöstedt
Constantin Urban
Tor Monsen
Åsa Gylfe
Klin immunologis:
Lucia Mincheva-Nilsson
Infectious Diseases
Birgitta Evengård
Clas Alm
Annika Allard
Anna Överby Wernstedt
Fredrik Elgh
Göran Wadell
Magnus Evander
Niklas Arnberg
Ya-fang Mei
Kristina Lejon
Marie-Louise Hammarström
Mattias Forsell
Mari Norgren

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